The importance of choosing a Jones law lawyer

As a boat, barge, container ship, cruise ship, fishing boat, ship, charter boat or any other type of vessel employee, you may also be covered by the Merchant Marine Act for those working in offshore drilling. The law will also cover rigs and anywhere near or in the water.

This trio of federal laws originally stated that all cargo shipped between U.S. ports must be completed using U.S. flag ships. These ships must be built in the United States and owned by a U.S. citizen with a crew of U.S. citizens, and it is this law that supports the U.S. merchant maritime industry and agricultural interests.

If you get injured while working on any waterway, you will automatically fall victim to the Jones Act case. Also, it is best to seek the help of an efficient Jones Act lawyer to handle your case and make sure you get what you are entitled to by the rules of law.

Do your research

When you start looking for your maritime lawyer, it is always better to choose a lawyer who has numerous cases in hand as this indicates that the lawyer is competent and experienced enough to handle the case in question.

Choose a lawyer who specializes in the Merchant Marine Act

Along with a lawyer familiar with federal laws of the sea, you will have someone who will work to give you everything you are legally entitled to if you are injured while working on a ship. Since these lawyers have a good knowledge of maritime law, they will be more willing to provide legal representation to meet your needs and help you move forward in life.

Choose a lawyer certified in the Jones Act

Jones represents law attorney Houston, Texas. Vujasinovic and Becom can give you a maritime lawyer in injury cases under the Marine and Jones Act. If you need help with an injury while working on a ship or offshore oil rig, contact the Houston Law Offices of Vujasinovic and Beckham.

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